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Cell Phones

Is there a greater evil? We convince ourselves that we “need” them and we rush out to buy the hottest phones to show our status. Yet, are we really getting value for our money? Canada is a market dominated by … Continue reading

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Twelve-step program for financial recovery

1. Admit that we are powerless over credit and that our lives have become unmanageable; 2. Understand that no matter how much we work, how many raises we get, we will not get out of debt 3. Made a decision … Continue reading

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Credit Cards

The Globe and Mail has a piece today on how credit cards are getting ready to “implode.” The problem: many credit card companies based their profits on having customers too deep in debt. As I discovered, when you are incapable … Continue reading

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Hello world!

We are living in turbulent economic times. The stock market is in free fall and we risk a global recession. This won’t be easy times for us. As the name suggests, the goal of this blog is to share ideas … Continue reading

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