A sign of the times, coupons are growing once again in popularity. In “Economic shock gives rise to coupon cutting,” CNN writes:

(CNN) — The rising price of consumer goods is driving shoppers from all walks of life to use coupons for food, beauty aids and pharmacy products at an increasing rate, according to some of the country’s largest purveyors of manufacturers’ coupons.

The once-popular act of coupon cutting — introduced by the inventor of Coca-Cola syrup more than 100 years ago — is again becoming a household chore.

Despite the restrictions, Brown said he anticipates continued growth in the use of coupons as people get comfortable with the idea of coupons, which languished in the realm of the frugal shopper.

“I think that what we’re seeing is a behavioral change in the consumer that could have lasting effects. If you shift buying patterns and enjoy benefits of doing that, you will likely continue in that pattern,” he said. “For the marketer, it’s an opportunities to bring in more customers and get them to try new things.”

Coupons a good strategy,  but the first question should be: “Do I need this?” followed by “Is this the best quality product for the cheapest price?” Using coupons to buy goods that you do not need may be frugal, but it is not true penny pinching.

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