When is empty really empty?

My wife has taught me a lot these past two years. One thing she has done is to force me to rethink the category empty. A case in point would be toothpaste. In the past, I would squeeze out as much toothpaste as I could and then throw away the tube as it was empty. However, my wife has taught me that it is not yet empty. She cuts open the tube and scrapes the last vestiges of toothpaste from the inside. This way, we can get a few more brushings out on an “empty” tube.

Many are likely thinking to themselves: “Why bother. You are only saving a few cents.” The value comes in changing you attitude to consumption. By trying to squeeze the last bit of value out of any purchase, you cut down on waste and will apply this everywhere. It is, in essence, a change of mindset, and this change will save you much, much money in the long run. As the MasterCard commercials say, that is truly priceless.

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2 Responses to When is empty really empty?

  1. angunc3 says:

    This reminds me of the Beverly Cleary books from when I was growing up… You know the Ramona Quinby ones? In one book Ramona (who was 8, by the way) was playing and decides to do some “sink art” and squirts all of the new tube of toothpaste into the sink. Her parents are so poor that rather than get another cheap tube of toothpaste to replace the tube now stuck on the spit-spattered sides of the sink they scoop up the old toothpaste and put it in a plastic bag to use until it’s gone.

  2. thepennypincher says:

    I never read it, but the Ramona Quinby books were featured on Slate as one of the “Great Kids’ Books About Financial Ruin.” See: http://www.slate.com/id/2201710/slideshow/2201875/fs/0//entry/2201879/.

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