Two bolete mushrooms we picked close to home. Very edible, very delicious.

Two bolete mushrooms we picked close to home. Very edible, very delicious.

This summer, my wife and I found a wonderful spot for picking mushrooms. Over two weekends, we picked a few full bags worth of bolete mushrooms. My wife and clean the mushrooms and then they can either be fried and cooked with potatoes or they can be cooked in a soup.

This is, of course, a great way to save money. If you can pick your food for free, then you are truly pinching the pennies. It is important, however, to know your mushrooms. Some are lethal. Fortunately, the bolete’s are some of the simplest mushrooms to identify, and my wife spent many summer’s picking mushrooms with her mother as a child.

There are a number of other foods that can be picked. In our region there are an abundance of saskatoon (june) berries. We picked some this year, but next year I want to put a bit more energy into picking these berries. I hope to learn how to use the berries to make jams that could be stored over the winter.

Picking mushrooms and berries is a very pleasant task. My wife use it an opportunity to spend time together and it is a relaxing activity. We find it an enjoyable activity, and we get the reward of delicious food afterwards.

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2 Responses to Gathering

  1. We seem to be very good at growing mushrooms in our front yard! lol I’m pretty sure they’re not edible, though.

  2. thepennypincher says:

    LOL! Well, some of the mushrooms that form “fairy rings” in the lawn are edible. However, I would not risk it. It would be too easy for an amateur collector to confuse the edible fairy ring mushrooms with the poisonous ones.

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