Homemade Tortillas

My wife was experimenting making dough for a recipe and it did not rise. Rather than wasting dough, I decided to try my hand at making tortillas. We rolled out the dough into thin tortillas and I cooked them in my cast iron frying pan. I did not use any oil (other than the thin layer of oil I brush onto my frying pan after washing and drying it). I would cook one side for 30 seconds and then then other side. They are delicious! I made 20 of my tortillas and froze them. At the store, the same number of tortillas would have cost me close to $10. My cost: six cups of flour, a couple of eggs and some kefir (homemade Russian buttermilk). In total, my tortillas cost me less than $2. A pretty good deal if I say so myself. The next time that I make tortillas, I will use this recipe.

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