Progress So Far

These past few months, I have been working hard to save money and keep my spending under check. I have even noticed some changes in my attitude.

Eating Out: Before, I used to love going out to eat. Now, I don’t really have the urge. My wife and I go out once a month or when we are traveling. Now, when I do eat out, I am much more critical of what I eat and the value that I get out of the meal. I used to love going out to the breakfast restauarant chains and eating there. Now, I look at what I am served and I know that I can do better. I went to an Humpty’s and ordered a Mexican Pan Scrambler. What was it? Potatoes that I could have bought frozen at my local Save-on-Foods. Scrambled eggs with salsa and jalapenos. I could have made that meal for a few bucks and it would have tasted just as good. My wife had eggs benedict, and I have to admit that I really liked her meal. I will have to learn how to cook eggs benedict. Overall, then, I do not crave restaurant food as I know I can do better.

Coffee: This past month, I have been brewing my own. Not buying coffee also cut back on the impulse purchases of donuts or other sweets to go with it. Other than meeting with friends, I now stay away from coffee shops.

Junk Food: I have been cutting back. I allow myself one treat once a week (a small bag of chips). Otherwise, I only eat junk food if at a party or some other social event.

Payday Loans: I haven’t had to get one for close to a year. This is saving me a bundle.

Bounced cheques or payments: I have been extremely diligent and haven’t had anything bounce since July. Even then, the only reason they bounced was because I was out of the country and had trusted my mother to deposit a cheque from one bank account to another. She didn’t, so I ended up paying for that mistake. However, I am now extremely vigilant and that is saving me a lot of money.

An old creditor did call me as I still owe them some money, but I am confident that I can pay them off in a few months. Overall, things are getting better. Barring any unforseen incidents (knock on wood), I can finally see the end of the tunnel. In a year’s time, I should be relatively stable, if I continue to be a miser and watch my spending.

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3 Responses to Progress So Far

  1. joetaxpayer says:

    I’d think the coffee shops would be the first to see the pinch. It’s the standard ‘first place’ to cut spending, with ‘latte factor’ being synonymous with trivial expenses that add up. I did the math years ago, coffee at under $2/lb on sale costs about 20 cents a pot. 4 big cups means I spend about 5 cents on coffee vs $2 minimum. Three years of saving those dollars in a jar was enough to get the big TV. I looked like the big spender, but really I just say I’ll take the big screen over the coffee shop.

  2. BDO says:

    You are doing such a good job! Keep up the good work!

  3. thepennypincher says:

    Thank you! I like your site. Very nice and useful.

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