Homemade Bread

Using a recipe and instructions from The Simple Dollar, I baked my first bread.


I am using a silicon bread pan. They work great. They do not have to be greased and the bread does not stick.


I was actually pleasantly surprise to see how the dough rose. To create a warm place, I had turned on the furnace for a few minutes and then put the dough in. It worked like a charm. The dough rose nicely.


The final product!


The final result: a delicious loaf of bread with no preservatives or chemicals. Estimated cost: 60-70 cents. This is based on my estimate that I used roughly 350 grams of flour and that 10kg of flour would be enough for 30 such loaves of bread. The cost of 10kg of flour would range between $6 and $8. This would mean that my loaf had 20 to 30 cents of flour in it. The next biggest expense would be the yeast.

Having succeeded in making bread, I wanted to experiment in making hamburger buns. I used the same recipe and instead of a bread pan, I used a siliocone muffin pan.




Success! Six nice buns. Tomorrow, I will see they taste as hamburger buns!

My thanks to Trent of The Simple Dollar for his recipe!

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