Yesterday, I tried to make some hamburger buns. I experimented by using my dough recipe. Sadly, they came out too flat and way too hard. I will have to try another reciped.

So far, I have found this recipe which is highly reviewed. Does anybody have any recipes they would like to share as to how to make homemade hamburger buns?

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2 Responses to Setback

  1. Wine Blog says:

    Hamburger buns are a thing I try to avoid cooking. I usually just spend more time on getting the meat right. I guess a bomb A bun would make a difference though, right..

  2. thepennypincher says:

    It does. It is more for the challenge. I want to see if I can make a hamburger bun that would be as good as the store bought ones (minus all the preservatives) and see if the homemade buns would be cheaper than the store bought ones.

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