Where Not To Scrimp

Last night, we had a big dump of snow: roughly 40 cm or roughly 15 inches. Hellish driving through it this morning. Now, we are going to have some freezing rain tonight, which will mean black ice (ice not visible on the road).

There is one place where one should not scrimp: winter tires. Given our road conditions in Canada, I buy good studded winter tires. They are the best for stopping on icy roads. Four seasons tires just do not cut it, and it is not worth risking your life to save money on tires. So, when it comes to driving in Canada, better to either cut elsewhere and save up some money for winter tires, or take the bus.

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4 Responses to Where Not To Scrimp

  1. steve says:

    I like your blog format. It’s short and punchy and fun to read.

    BTW, I hope the hamburgers were good! (the ones you had on the hamburger buns you baked!)

    • thepennypincher says:

      Thank you! Always nice to know that someone is reading. The hamburger buns turned out perfectly. Next time, I will make them a bit bigger and they should be perfect.

  2. Joanne says:

    A current affairs program here ran a story this week on tyre (Aussie spelling) shelf life. Some retailers sell unused tyres that can be up to 10 years old. These have already lost strength and can be unstable. So if you’re investing your dollars, check the tyre date stamp and make sure they’re really new.

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