To save money, I take my lunch to work and I am taking the bus to work. So far so good. I take the bus two or three days a week. My challenge: to find a decent container for my lunch. I need something that won’t spill or leak (I often take soup to work) and can be easily heated in a microwave.

What would you suggest? What is the best and most durable container? I am looking at Tupperware, but I do not know if it worth the cost. The ideal would be to buy some at a garage sale, but this is not a good time for garage sales in northern Canada. Is Tupperware worth the cost? Is there a cheaper alternative that is just as good?

I look forward to hearing what you advise.

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6 Responses to Tupperware?

  1. Joanne says:

    Hmm, there are a few ways to go here. I have a few pieces of Tupperware and they are great. If you can afford them to begin with, they are good value, especially as you can have the lids replaced under their guarantee.
    I’m not sure of the health ramifications of heating in plastic. I know many people do it but it is not recommended by many experts (I’m reading about toxicity in common household products at the moment). You could transport in a plastic container and have a ceramic bowl or large soup mug at work to heat & eat out of.
    Have you considered an insulated flask? A good one will keep food piping hot for many hours if you preheat it properly. Soup, pasta, noodles, stews, frankfurts all can be kept hot in the flask.
    I hope you find a solution!

    • thepennypincher says:

      I have been reading into the dangers of Bisphenol-A. I was figuring that quality Tupperware would be better than the cheap plastic containers I have been using now. I like the idea of using a large bowl to heat it up. Unfortunately, my office is quite a ways down the hall from the microwave which complicates things. I also use the container to bring leftovers to work which rules out the flask. Thank you for the suggestions! It is helping me in finding the best option.

    • thepennypincher says:

      Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it.

  2. Joanne says:

    Me again! You may also find Tupperware in thrift shops. If the lids are warped, you should be able to get them to honour the guarantee and supply new ones.

    • thepennypincher says:

      That is what my sister-in-law does. She goes to garage sells, buys used Tupperware and gets the company to replace them if they are damaged. I will have to start doing the rounds of garage sales this summer đŸ˜‰ In the meantime, I may get one bowl until then.

  3. I just happened upon your Dec. 12th comments about carrying your lunch. I don’t know what you have tried or used since Dec., but I wanted to share a few ideas with you. 1st–I sell Tupperware, so I’m familiar with the products. Even with that, I do often pick up pieces of T. at thrift shops (for several reasons). The trouble with that for you, is that it may be a long time before you find something that really fits your needs and even though T. does replace seals, etc. that are damaged, the products produced today are improvements in quality of those that are older (they last better and some don’t stain, etc.) It certainly is the cheapest option, but may not truly fit your needs. 2nd–T. has printed a write-up about the concerns about Bisphenol-A and that they are not a concern with T. products. If you check on my Website, you should be able to find it. If you have trouble finding it, e-mail me and I’ll send it to you. 3rd– if you look up pages 30, 43, 44 & 45 in the Spring Full Line Catalog, you can see what is available currently.
    We just got back from visiting family over the holidays, and as usual I took some T. as gifts for them. My sister-in-law commented that the Crystalwave Soup Mug that I gave her several years ago is one of the items she has enjoyed the most. I told her that in addition to cooking her soup in it, she can use it for her morning coffee or tea, wipe it out and cook a muffin it, then have her soup at lunch and have more hot drinks in the afternoon. The only trouble with it is that if you put tomato-based soups in it, they will stain. That is solved by using the Vent ‘N Serve Mug on p. 30, since the Vent ‘N Serve, Heat ‘N Serve (as well as the Micro Pitcher) are made out of a plastic developed for the astronauts, and they do not stain!
    Other luncheon items that I LOVE, are the Crystalwave Divided Dish, the C. Divided D. with Cold Cup, and the Meal Solutions (I have used this for my husband’s lunch and have comments to help you with it, if you think it may be what you need). The cold cup in the smaller divided dish lets you take fruit, etc. and remove it before the rest of your lunch is warmed. Again, the drawback to the Crystalwave series, is that they will stain with tomato-based products. If you have a dishwasher, there is an item that can be used in the dishwasher which usually takes stains out. Alternatively, the Vent ‘N Serve Divided Dish can be another option. One other thing that I like about it, is that when you cook a large meal, you can make your own TV dinners, freeze them, pull them out, microwave, then serve in them (if you wish), and they last and last. I used to fix meals for my father in them, and still do some for my own household, or take meals to Church members who need a help once in a while.
    I didn’t mean to make this so long, or to seem so much like a sales pitch, but I hope that some of my ideas and info. is helpful to you. Getting back to the 1st point, the newer items are more expensive than those in thrift shops, but they can really save you money in being versatile and in keeping things fresh, etc.
    Anyway, if you decide to order some of the current items, you probably have T. people that you know, but if you don’t, you can let me know. I’d say that I would “drop over” and bring some things for you to look at, but since we live in northern Florida, and you say that you live in northern Canada, it would be a L-O-N-G commute (although, we did drive through Quebec Province on our honeymoon, as far north as Chibougamous). Barring those two options, you can order from T. on my website, and they will ship it directly to you. At any rate, I do hope that my long rendition here, has been of some help to you. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. I would be interested in knowing where you live in northern Canada. People we talked to in Roberval, told us that their friends only missed church once or twice the previous winter when it reached -70, and they opted not to make the 150 mile round trip to their church. We never reach such extremes here, but, as will almost all parts of our country right now, we’re having a “cold spell” (it went down to about 31 last night and about 27 the night before, but it has been up to the 50s during the days and we’re still picking the oranges off our tree in the back yard! I spent two years in central New Hampshire when my husband was finishing his college, and two years in central Ohio when I was in college (which was colder than N.H. since it was a damp, penetrating cold). Anyway, I’m signing off now so that I can send this to you. One last thought about T. The initial investment is high, but you can “leave” it to your children and grandchildren! I call it the Cadillac of plastics.

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