Hamburger Buns Part II

As I posted previously, I have been baking my own bread and striving to make the best hamburger bun. Using this recipe, I made a second batch on Saturday. As I noted, I do make a minor modification to the recipe: instead of mixing in the yeast with the flour, I put the yeast into the warm milk mixture for 10 minutes before adding the flour.

This time, instead of making 12 buns, I made 8. Also, I changed my baking times: instead of 10 minutes on the bottom rack and 10 minutes on the top rack, I went for 10 and 5. Once I finished baking my buns, I brushed some margarine on the still warm buns.

The results were quite impressive. The buns were very soft and savory. the only drawback: they were too big. Next time, I will go back to making 12 buns, but keeping the 10/5 minute baking time. I am hoping that on my third try I should have realized my goal of making the perfect frugal hamburger bun.

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