The Frugal Dad has a good post on “Household Uses For Vinegar, The Ultimate Frugal Solution“.

Inspired, I decided to try out some of the suggested uses of vinegar.

Vinegar as cleaner: Using a spray bottle I bought at our local dollar store a few months ago, I made a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. It works great for cleaning counters and does a wonderful job at cutting through grease on the stovetop. I definitely recommend vinegar as an all-purpose kitchen cleaner.

Windows and mirrors: Using the vinegar/water mixture that I made, I decided to try it out cleaning my bathroom mirrors. However, rather than using paper towels, I used newsprint. It did a great job. It cleaned the mirror leaving behind no streaks as you just rub any spots with streaks with a dry page from an old newspaper.

It is a nice and cheap way to clean. It is also environmentally friendly.

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