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Digital Scale

In a previous post, I noted that I was going to¬† buy a scale to ensure that I would be getting the most value for my money when shipping packages by mail. I was going to buy one at Staples, … Continue reading

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Cost or Convenience

I have to confess, one of my weaknesses is popcorn. I love popcorn! I could eat popcorn every day. However, the challenge is balancing cost, convenience and taste. For a while, I was buying popcorn bags for the microwave in … Continue reading

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Soap Sacks

I have found another way of saving some money: soap sacks. Before, I used to buy body wash and body puffs for the shower. The body wash is extremely extensive: $3, $4 or $5 dollars. I like the lather that … Continue reading

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Canadians Rediscover Frugality

This just in from the Globe and Mail: Canadian retail sales registered their steepest monthly drop in 11 years in November, dropping 2.4 per cent to $34.9-billion on a seasonally adjusted basis. The decline stemmed mostly from lower gasoline prices … Continue reading

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Cooking Restaurant Meals at Home

Slate has an interesting piece by Lauren Shockey as to whether it is feasible to cook restaurant meals at home using the cook books restaurant chefs author. The article “Cooking Their Books: Trying to re-create restaurant dishes at home” has … Continue reading

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An interesting case is before the courts in Canada. A woman who lived common-law with the father of her children is suing for alimony to top up child support. This from the Globe and Mail: The woman, who split from … Continue reading

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I hate tipping. To be honest, I consider it a Medieval anachronism. Why should some professions be tipped and not others? Yes, I know, servers and others who are tipped are hardworking people. They certainly deserve tips. But, why do … Continue reading

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