Hard To Empathize

MSN Money has a feature on divorce and the financial impacts this will have on one woman. To be honest, I have some problems empathizing with her plight. In the video, she explains that she will be receiving alimony and child support after the divorce. How will she suffer? She will have to move from a house with 3.5 bathrooms and 4,000 square feet to one that is only 1,200 square feet and one bathroom (the horror of it all!). She also has to downgrade her expectations: she won’t traveling 2 or 3 three times a year to exotic locations, she won’t be buying her children all that they want, she won’t be getting her nails done weekly, and she won’t be going to eat out as often! Oh, the misery of poverty! [Yes, I am being sarcastic :)]

In any case, feel free to watch the video and come to your own conclusions. I, for one, won’t be crying a river of tears for her.

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