I hate tipping. To be honest, I consider it a Medieval anachronism. Why should some professions be tipped and not others? Yes, I know, servers and others who are tipped are hardworking people. They certainly deserve tips. But, why do they get tips and other hardworking folk have to get by with just their salaries?

Now, with the financial crisis and the recession, people are tipping less according to the Globe and Mail:

Chloe Tse loves it when customers smile and compliment her on a superb dining experience.

But she loathes when the grins are meant to compensate for a measly tip – an age-old cheapskate manoeuvre that’s been making a comeback since the economy went into freefall.

“It’s garbage,” she says. “We’re basically working twice as hard for half the amount of money.”

Ms. Tse has worked as a server for three years at a restaurant steps from the sports arenas and the CN Tower in downtown Toronto. She’s never seen her tips drop to such levels, she says.

“Leafs crowds are usually pretty good, they usually give about a 20-per-cent gratuity,” she says. “Lately, the servers have found it’s been about 10 and 15 per cent on a good night.”

Ms. Tse’s not alone. Servers, bartenders, coat checkers, doormen, cab drivers and hairstylists are saying that since the stock markets plummeted and Canadians started feeling the pinch in the pocketbook, they’ve experience an increasing ripple effect themselves.

The hurting economy is slicing into their income as customers get haircuts every six weeks instead of four, skip on the bottle service or tip 5 per cent less after a business lunch.

Tipping is yet another reason why I prefer dining at home. It is also another reason why I am happy that my wife cuts my hair. I can forego the tips and the taxes on top of what I save by cooking for myself and having my wife take care of my coiffure.

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