An interesting case is before the courts in Canada. A woman who lived common-law with the father of her children is suing for alimony to top up child support. This from the Globe and Mail:

The woman, who split from her ex in 2001 but has shared custody of the children, receives $35,000 a month in child-support payments. But she wants a separate sum of $56,000 a month in spousal support for herself.

Under cross-examination, she admitted to the court that her former partner was paying for a new $2.4-million home for her and their children in upper Outremont, along with $500,000 for her to furnish and fix it up. He was also paying for a cook, two nannies, and the children’s private schooling.

We have a woman whose ex-husband paid for her house, pays for a nanny, pays for schooling, paid half a million for furniture and renovations and pays for $35,000 in child support, yet this is not enough? Keep in mind that child support is not taxed in Canada, so this woman receives more money in a month as child support than most families earn in a year, and effectively does not have to pay anything out of pocket (all her housing expenses are paid for along with most of the expenses tied to her child care). Yet, it is still not enough. She wants another $56,000 per month. Is this not just a tad greedy?

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