My wife and I were going to go cross-country skiing. It would have been an expensive treat: $10 each for the equipment rental and $10 for two hours on the trails (total of $40 for both of us). Unfortunately, they had a competition at the club today, and advised us that it would be better for us to come another day. We had to look for other options, and found something better.

I had heard that we could rent snowshoes from our university’s sports centre for $5 each for the entire day. We decided to try it out. We went with a friend who is an avid snowshoer and rented a pair for my wife and I. From the university, we followed a snowmobile trail down the forested hill. Then we climbed up the hill back to the university. Below is a photo of the hill in the summer courtesy of Google maps.

The Hill

In total we spent two hours snowshoeing. We had a great time trekking through the forested hill, breathing in the fresh air and getting some great exercise. Best of all, it was cheap. It only cost us $10 for a great time out.

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