I have been blogging for a while now, and will now take a moment to provide an update on my progress to date. Some things have been successful, some a bit less so. I will share my observations and the insights I have gained.

Cast Iron

I am still using my cast iron frying pan. It is great! I highly recommend making the switch to cast iron. It is cheap, it cooks better, it is healthier and it is better for the environment. However, you have to be careful with cleaning. I was a bit too aggressive with my cleaning and food was starting to stick. When this happened, I cooked some bacon and rather than scraping, I boil some water in the frying pan and gently brush away the grime or cooked on foods. All told, my pan is no longer sticking and clean.


I have been using the online money management site ClearCheckbook.com and have been quite impressed. I had done wonders with my ability to keep track of my money and to plan. They upgraded the site and added a premium version. However, the free version suits me fine for now. When I will have a bit more money to spare, I will upgrade.


I am still making bread and hamburger buns. I modified my reciped somewhat: I substitued 3 cups of my white flour for whole wheat flour. Makes tasty and healthier bread. Tonight, I cooked some cinnamon buns. We still go to restaurants for special occasions only. I do confess that I have been going to a local café to work. I buy a coffee and a refill [$1.98] and work for a few hours. It helps me to get motivated. So, it is a small cost to encourage me to do more work.


I am still using vinegar and baking soda for most of my cleaning needs. One minus: I noticed that I could not clean under the rim of the bowl. I broke down and used the last of my toilet cleaner. I will likely have to buy some more. I will try to alternate: one week vinegar and baking soda, one week toilet cleaner.


In summary, I have had some setbacks, but, overall, most of my experiments have been successful.

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