Plan Paying Off

Today, I sent my daughter a birthday gift. It left me a bit sad that she is far away and I cannot see her, but I am hoping that by maintaining some form of contact with my children that I will be able to have a relationship with them in the future, a future when they will be old enough to make their own decisions and a bitter ex won’t be the gatekeeper.

In any case, the scale that I bought is coming in handy. I bought my daughter a doll. It weighed a bit more than 1.160kg. I had to cut the weight down to 1kg to save some money. I opened the package and took out all the excess weight: all the plastic, and all the extra cardboard. I managed to bring the weight of the box down to 920 grams and once it was wrapped up and ready to mail, it weighed in at 989 grams. Enough to save me over $10 in shipping costs. Rather than spending $44 on shipping, it cost me $32. Sure, it is not a huge savings, but $10 here and $10 there does add up pretty quickly.

As for the doll, I managed to find it on sale at $10 instead of the regular price of $30. She wanted a Bratz Babyes and managed to find her one. I hope she will like it.

To everybody else, I want to wish you a Happy St. Valentine’s Day. The love part does not always work out, but it is what makes life worth living 🙂

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