Waste Defined

As I was watching television this afternoon, I watched an ad for Bisquick® Shake ‘n’ Pour™ pancakes. You buy a plastic jug that contains pancake mix, add water and shake it to make the batter. Is it possible to have anything more wasteful than this? It is wasteful in terms of excess plastic packaging that will end up in a landfill and it is wasteful in terms of money that the consumer will waste on the convenience. I confess, I do buy pancake mix, but I buy one bag weighing several kilograms. How hard is it to measure out one cup, add water and mix? My one bag, which might be equivalent to the one plastic jug, will last me several months, whereas the one Bisquick® Shake ‘n’ Pour™ jug will last only one day or two at most, and I am sure I will be paying through the nose for the convenience. How lazy and how wasteful can the modern consumer get?

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2 Responses to Waste Defined

  1. Joanne says:

    Ouch! I used to buy those 😦
    But I’ve mended my ways and we now make very yummy pancakes from scratch… a favourite lazy Saturday mid-morning breakfast at my place.

  2. Mike says:

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