Frugality here, frugality there, frugality everywhere

It has been a while since I posted, but in the meantime frugality seems to have become the thing to do globally. Consumers aren’t consuming and we are all saving.

I am happy to report that I have dug myself out of my own consumption hole. I managed to pay off close to $60,000 in debt these past three years. I have another $7000 or so to go, but I am on my way there. It is a relief not having to worry about creditors and having too many bills to pay…

The Globe and Mail had an interesting piece entitled How to eat well for $1 a day and still have leftovers. The article features a blogger, Jeffrey Strain, recounting how he is saving money using coupons on his blog. I am impressed Jeffrey.

However, an earlier piece in the same newspaper highlights how difficult it is for some to make the leap to even minor changes that save money. Dave McGinn (Mr. Miser) writes in Savings in the bag: the art of the $5 lunch that:

But you can’t have anything you want on a budget of $5 a day. While I was able to afford four chocolate pudding cups, since I found them on sale for 99 cents, I couldn’t afford the granola bars I like to eat. In fact, most packaged food was off the table. On the upside, that meant eating way more fruits and vegetables than I normally do.

Have we become so spoiled that we don’t understand the concept of leftovers? Are people now incapable of cooking? Can we not live if our food is not neatly packaged in single-serving packages?

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