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10 Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste has an interesting list of tips from readers to reduce food waste. As discussed previously in this blog, North Americans end up throwing a lot of food in the garbage, food they paid good money to buy. However, there … Continue reading

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Frugality here, frugality there, frugality everywhere

It has been a while since I posted, but in the meantime frugality seems to have become the thing to do globally. Consumers aren’t consuming and we are all saving. I am happy to report that I have dug myself … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy is certainly a popular topic with the growing crisis and as growing numbers are faced with their own personal financial crises. The Globe and Mail had a couple of good articles dealing with the topic today. First, Sarah Hampson … Continue reading

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Waste Defined

As I was watching television this afternoon, I watched an ad for Bisquick® Shake ‘n’ Pour™ pancakes. You buy a plastic jug that contains pancake mix, add water and shake it to make the batter. Is it possible to have … Continue reading

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Plan Paying Off

Today, I sent my daughter a birthday gift. It left me a bit sad that she is far away and I cannot see her, but I am hoping that by maintaining some form of contact with my children that I … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling

The Globe and Mail reports that bankruptcies are skyrocketing in Canada: Bankruptcies among consumers are surging across Canada. The number of consumers filing for bankruptcy in December soared 50.6 per cent, although filings fell from a month earlier, the Office … Continue reading

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I have been blogging for a while now, and will now take a moment to provide an update on my progress to date. Some things have been successful, some a bit less so. I will share my observations and the … Continue reading

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