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Bankruptcy is certainly a popular topic with the growing crisis and as growing numbers are faced with their own personal financial crises. The Globe and Mail had a couple of good articles dealing with the topic today. First, Sarah Hampson … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling

The Globe and Mail reports that bankruptcies are skyrocketing in Canada: Bankruptcies among consumers are surging across Canada. The number of consumers filing for bankruptcy in December soared 50.6 per cent, although filings fell from a month earlier, the Office … Continue reading

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When Are You Too Deep in Debt?

Glamour has a good quiz: Are you getting too deep in debt? Some of the signs that you are too deep in depth: You have zero savings; You barely break even at the end of the month, or even worse, … Continue reading

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Credit Counsellors

What do you do when you hit the financial wall? When you understand that you have no way of paying your bills? I faced that moment last summer. I had the constant phone calls from creditors. I had to constantly … Continue reading

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